Monitoring and analyzing
crypto currency portfolios
It's simple and clear. It synchronizes with exchanges. Setup takes 5 minutes.
Most users
do not know exactly
how much they earn
Are you tired of the slow process of calculating profitability?
Are you annoyed by complex formulas and tables?
xChainer is a tool that provides transparency and visibility.

  • For private crypto assets
  • For portfolio managers
  • For miners
Complete picture of the portfolio.
We take into account all deals, transfer of currencies, exchange rates to US Dollar and Bitcoin, order book and all other aspects in order to provide a realistic view of your portfolio, its profitability, and history.
The best portfolio presentation for professionals
  • The current status of your deposit is analyzed taking into account exchange rates to BTC and USD based on the volumes of your assets and their value in accordance with order books.

  • A diagram of your portfolio structure provides a visual representation of the asset ratio.
Actual profitability that takes
into account market dynamics
You will see the profitability of individual currencies and your entire account.
Exchange rates to Bitcoin and US Dollar for your assets
Manage multiple accounts
You can analyze everything at once or separately
Your accounts are grouped together for easy switching and analysis
Grant access to other users or delegate management of your assets to professionals.
Dynamics of your portfolio
You can see the value of your portfolio at any point in time.
Detailed transaction history
You will get convenient tools for working with historical data. Information is downloaded automatically, it is easy to filter, sort, and analyze.
Accurate analysis requires an accurate history
1. The history contains all transactions for the accounts being viewed

2. The history filters make it possible to quickly find the transaction in question

3. There is a convenient summary for each asset

4. Candlestick charts and order books allow you to analyze specific currency pairs

5. All commission fees are taken into account and displayed
Arbitration analytics
Unparalleled functionality for advanced spatial arbitration.
You cannot afford
to lose money
xChainer is fully adopted. All functionality is available everywhere; you only need an Internet connection.
Knowledge base
Are you already using xChainer? Do you have any questions about using the service?

We have created a constantly updated knowledge base.
Your assets are always safe
The service uses read-only access. The service allows you to only track (not execute) transactions.
Do you have any ideas for improving xChainer? Any questions? Please feel free to write us.